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NYC Starbucks: 50th & Lexington

1 Oct

50th and Lexington Starbucks

What better way to start another month of highly caffeinated blogging then to just jump right in. September was great, but October is one of my favorite months. Cool (not cold) weather, changing leaves, and — of course — Halloween. As usually, I have no idea what I want to be yet, but I’m sure that spark of creativity will hit eventually. And this year is especially exciting since Halloween was essentially cancelled in NYC last year due to Hurricane Sandy. Here’s hoping for a dry month!

October may also be the month where I switch back to hot coffee in the morning. Half my colleagues already have, and it’s only a matter of time before the cold weather forces me into it. Stay tuned.

Currently, I’m sipping my (iced) coffee at the Starbucks on 50th & Lexington. It’s directly above the 51st street 6 train and shaped like a a pentagon with angled windows facing 50th. One unique thing about this Starbucks is that it’s a Midtown Starbucks with outdoor seating. I never would have imagined such a thing exists. But here I sit.

I’d imagine the reason this Starbucks can afford outdoor seating is because this part of Midtown is much more business oriented and has virtually no tourists. So besides those looking to catch the 6 train, this location has a pretty moderate crowd. It also has a good amount of seating and a circular design that probably makes the morning rush much more organized than some of the cramped and narrow Starbucks here in NYC. 

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NYC Starbucks: 41st & 3rd

28 Sep

41st and 3rd Starbucks

In no other neighborhood in New York is space as valuable as it is in Midtown. The Starbucks I’m currently sitting at on 41st and 3rd literally looks like it was once a retail space that was cut in half. And why not? Two small stores in Midtown means double the rent and twice the chance of profits. It’s a win win. Or, at least it is for all who aren’t claustrophobic.

But then again. This area of Midtown-East that borders Murray Hill and Turtle Bay is mostly catering to the business crowd. So most patrons probably aren’t inside this Starbucks any longer than it takes to add milk to their coffee and then scram. This also means this Starbucks closes extra early. In fact, it’s closing time now.

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NYC Starbucks: 32nd & 2nd

25 Feb


Today I sit in the neighborhood of Kips Bay. Just east of the mob scene known as Herald Square, Kips Bay could not differ more. Honestly, when I think of Kips Bay a yawn usually escapes my mouth.

This is a residential neighborhood with few transportation options. The easiest way in and out of Kips Bay is the bus system, and if you’ve ever attempted to take an MTA bus in NYC you know that “easy” isn’t the best word to describe the experience. Personally I prefer walking — which is usually what happens anyway after waiting 10-15 minutes for a bus that never shows up.

The neighborhood’s lack of train transportation may be what allows it to be a relatively peaceful and easygoing part of New York. Of course if the 2nd Avenue subway ever arrives — a work in progress since 1929 that has earned the nickname “The Line That Time Forgot” — then maybe Kips Bay will begin to resemble its neighbors to the west.

The Kips Bay Starbucks on 32nd and 2nd resembles its surroundings in the fact that it has a light crowd. A decent amount of seating lines the long windowed wall, and there is at least one or two free seats at any given moment. The crowd is subdued. Everyone has a book, laptop, or smart phone in front of them. And neither the coffee line or restroom line draws attention.

Unfortunately there is no comfy seating. In fact, it’s wood all around. Whether you’re seating on one of the wooden chairs or the wooden bench that lines the wall. Or you can lean against the wooden barista bar while you admire the large wooden plaque on the wall that speaks to Starbucks’s environmental good doings.

All in all, this Starbucks provides a great environment — it’s just transportation that it’s lacking.

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