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NYC Starbucks: Spring & Varick

23 Jun

Spring and Varick Starbucks

Today summer is in full bloom here in NYC, and it’s the first day that I’ve felt the dreaded subway station sweats. So I figured: why fight it? I’m heading out to the Christopher Street Piers to soak in some sun. But on my way — of course — I just had to stop and get an iced coffee in the area.

The Starbucks on Spring & Varick is located in a small neighborhood called Hudson Square. Apparently in the past it was known as the Printing District and it still contains a lot of media, communications, and advertising offices. Now they just don’t print as much as email. Hudson Square is west of SoHo, north of TriBeCa and south of the West Village. It’s basically the Southwest Village, only 7th avenue disappears into Varick street and the nice restaurants turn into tall business buildings.

Although I’ve been to the Starbucks on Spring and Varick at least twice before, I noticed something for the first time today: there are only three chairs!

This Starbucks is cute. Really cute. It’s on the street corner with large plate glass windows that let in lots of sun. All the tables and the bar are that nice beach wood style, and there’s plenty of open power outlets on the walls. But still… there’s only three chairs.

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NYC Starbucks: Charlton & Hudson

14 May

Starbucks on Charlton and Houston

Today I felt like trekking on down to the West Village. One of my favorite neighborhoods and former residence — briefly, but still.

I walked from Washington Square Park and cut southwest through the trendy portion and touristy areas. Where I ended up was the Starbucks on Hudson Street near Charlton. This portion of the Village is sometimes referred to as the Far West Village, and is a small business enclave within the neighborhood. If I couldn’t tell that by the well-sized business buildings, strategically placed lunch stops,  and rushed footsteps hurrying the opposite direction from where I headed, it was made apparent by this location’s business hours.

It’s closes at 8pm each weeknight and is not open at all on Saturdays and Sundays. I was shocked at first. I mean, this location is large and beautiful. But who would be here to enjoy it on the weekends? Practically no body is here to enjoy it right now. Just like the Starbucks in the Financial District, there’s nobody that wants to stick around after working a full day’s work. If they need a pick-me-up after work, they’ll run in, but staying open past 8pm would be a poor business decision.

So here I thought I’d discovered my new weekend get-away to come and work on my computer in a large, vacant Starbucks, when all I really found was a tease. Still, its size, outlet availability, and the fact that it has two restrooms makes this a better location then most.

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