NYC Starbucks: 41st & 3rd

28 Sep

41st and 3rd Starbucks

In no other neighborhood in New York is space as valuable as it is in Midtown. The Starbucks I’m currently sitting at on 41st and 3rd literally looks like it was once a retail space that was cut in half. And why not? Two small stores in Midtown means double the rent and twice the chance of profits. It’s a win win. Or, at least it is for all who aren’t claustrophobic.

But then again. This area of Midtown-East that borders Murray Hill and Turtle Bay is mostly catering to the business crowd. So most patrons probably aren’t inside this Starbucks any longer than it takes to add milk to their coffee and then scram. This also means this Starbucks closes extra early. In fact, it’s closing time now.

The Good:

The Crowd… Not many people lingering considering the size constraints.

The Bad:

The Size… Literally half the size of your average NYC Starbucks.

The Seating… Just four stools against one wall.

The Hours… Closes at 8pm on weekdays, 5pm on Saturdays and not open at all on Sundays.

The Restroom… None.

Barista Friendliness:



They were very pumped about selling the La Boulange pastries.

Drink of Choice: 

Grande Iced Green Tea.


Overall Starbucks Rating:

Half a Midtown Starbucks.



One Response to “NYC Starbucks: 41st & 3rd”

  1. mlavens September 28, 2013 at 7:17 PM #

    I got excited when I saw you reviewed another Starbucks in my area…then I read the review. Guess it’s not my new one…lol.

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