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NYC Starbucks: 75th & 1st

7 Jun

75th and 1st

Today I decided to continue my trend of  thoroughly exploring the surrounding neighborhood before diving into my destination (aka Starbucks). Unfortunately, an umbrella was a necessary companion on my journey through the Upper East Side since it started raining late last night and still has yet to show any sign of stopping.

But I was adamant about my decision. Sure, it’s only the Upper East Side and I’ve probably walked through this 10 block radius before, but this time I wanted to take notice of the little things. And what did I notice? Well for starters, there’s a lack of delis — appealing delis that is. There was a cute bagel place on 78th that I stopped in. There was an Indian place that should some potential, and for some reason there was at least 2 hardware stores that caught my eye. All in all, everything this far east seems very pedestrian. It’s all the essentials, but nothing to wow the eye.

The Starbucks on 75th and 1st Ave was yet again surrounded by construction shielding (the third this week!). Luckily, the interior was much more appealing then the view from outside. I found it to be full of seating (mostly wooden, but at least one cushioned sofa) and not too crowded. I stayed for several hours to get some work done, and it never quite filled up nor did the line become too long. Perhaps the rain was keeping people out? If this location were easier to access through public transportation,  I probably would have ranked it higher, but until then we wait for that elusive 2nd Avenue train system.

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NYC Starbucks: 31st & 6th

13 Mar


The Starbucks on 31st and 6th is actually the first location I ever visited in New York City. The image on the banner of this blog was taken here in December of 2011 when I first visited the city.

We arrived very late on a Wednesday, and the following morning I woke up well before my friends. Getting a glimpse of the city from our hotel room on the 14th floor of the Hotel Pennsylvania made exploring NYC irresistible. So I descended into the city solo, while my friends slumbered. I walked aimlessly around crowded Midtown in the peak hours of business foot-traffic until I spotted this Starbucks. I think at that moment I knew that the rest of my visit would be spent finding a way to make this city my future home — and that’s exactly what I did.

Unfortunately, this Starbucks has not remained as I left it. The exterior is now burdened with one of those construction awnings. If that would have been the case in December of 2011, I may have missed this location entirely. But don’t let the lousy exterior full you — the interior of this location is beautifully decorated. It also has a decent amount of seating to help tackle the crowds that poor in. It is larger than most Midtown locations, and the design pushes the line toward the back to help eliminate congestion.

I definitely don’t remember the first Starbucks I ever stepped foot in, but this location is unforgettable.

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NYC Starbucks: 54th & Broadway

12 Feb


I have seen this particular Starbucks at glance every now and then since it is on the same cross-street as my gym, so today I figured I’d enter for the first time before going to a spinning class (yes, I spin — don’t judge).

One of my reasons for avoiding this location for so long is that fact that it has a sarcophagus of construction poles surrounding it — an unfortunate aspect of New York City that every business or apartment seems to be burdened with from time to time. But today I decided to submerge myself in the jungle-gym like construction of nuts and bolts to see the Starbucks that lie beyond — anticipating a buried treasure of some sort.

And unfortunately I was disappointed to find no treasure. As well as no bathroom. No room to move. And no seating. Well, I take that back, there was seating, it was just very limited. After waiting in line I snagged a bar seat just as its former occupant vacated. One thing I found interesting is that there were two mini-square tables in the middle of the floor with no chairs attached to them at all — which begs the question: what’s a table without a chair?

My overall assessment is that this is a Starbucks of necessity only. Come to get your coffee then get on your way. I’m noticing this to be a trend with some of the Midtown locations.

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