NYC Starbucks: 75th & 1st

7 Jun

75th and 1st

Today I decided to continue my trend of  thoroughly exploring the surrounding neighborhood before diving into my destination (aka Starbucks). Unfortunately, an umbrella was a necessary companion on my journey through the Upper East Side since it started raining late last night and still has yet to show any sign of stopping.

But I was adamant about my decision. Sure, it’s only the Upper East Side and I’ve probably walked through this 10 block radius before, but this time I wanted to take notice of the little things. And what did I notice? Well for starters, there’s a lack of delis — appealing delis that is. There was a cute bagel place on 78th that I stopped in. There was an Indian place that should some potential, and for some reason there was at least 2 hardware stores that caught my eye. All in all, everything this far east seems very pedestrian. It’s all the essentials, but nothing to wow the eye.

The Starbucks on 75th and 1st Ave was yet again surrounded by construction shielding (the third this week!). Luckily, the interior was much more appealing then the view from outside. I found it to be full of seating (mostly wooden, but at least one cushioned sofa) and not too crowded. I stayed for several hours to get some work done, and it never quite filled up nor did the line become too long. Perhaps the rain was keeping people out? If this location were easier to access through public transportation,  I probably would have ranked it higher, but until then we wait for that elusive 2nd Avenue train system.

The Good:

The Size… Very large with plenty of  seating options throughout. Not necessarily multiple rooms, just a whole bunch of space.

The Patrons… A sizable crowd, but mostly the studious type. And for some reason, a significant amount of high schoolers.

The Bad:

The Location… Pushed to the east side, with only the 6-train nearby.

Restroom… Only one, which kind of surprised me since they have so much seating.

Barista Friendliness:


Drink of Choice: 

Venti Pike


Overall Starbucks Rating:

A good Starbucks to spend time working on a rainy NYC day.



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