NYC Starbucks: 50th & 6th (Rockefeller Center)

8 Oct

50th and 6th Starbucks

I knew there was a Starbucks somewhere near the corner of 50th and Sixth Avenue. But as I paced back and forth, that familiar green siren was no where to be found. Finally, I conceded and asked the door guard at The Radio City Music Hall for help.

“Is there a Starbucks around here?” (A redundant question, I know.)

“Yea — In the subway.”


Then I literally saw a woman emerge from the Rockefeller subway terminal with a Starbucks cup in her hand. Possibly a coincidence? Obviously, I was in for an adventure.

As I went underground at the corner of 50th & Sixth, I was not greeted with that usual smell of stagnant water and decaying rat that I’ve grown to associate with New York’s subway system. As I continued walking I realized this was more than just a subway terminal… it was a concourse full of food and shopping options underneath Rockefeller Center. Cheers to that!

The Starbucks was easy enough to locate, and I soon found myself inside, in a long line waiting for my usual grande iced coffee. Unlike some of the other food shops in the concourse, the Starbucks is sectioned off by glass paneling, and it’s actually larger than your typical NYC Starbucks. So being underground means nothing, and even though most people came to grab a drink on the go, a lot of people also stayed to take advantage of the Starbucks’ several tables and seating options.

If you would have told me this morning that I would have an enjoyable experience inside a subway terminal Starbucks, I would have asked you to pinch me. Who knew?!

The Good:

The Location… What’s more convenient than a Starbucks inside a your daily subway terminal? A few feet from the B/D/F/M and tons of shopping.

The Size… This is a surprisingly large Starbucks for being underground and in a subway concourse. It’s much bigger than either of the Penn Station Starbucks.

The Seating… One giant communal table, a long silver sofa and tons of tables-for-two.

The Bad:

The Line… Obviously, people are willing to miss their train for a quick pick-me-up.

The Crowd… Lots of people waiting for drinks and just as much lingering in seats.

The Restroom… None. That would simply add to the crowd.

Barista Friendliness:


Drink of Choice: 

Grande Iced Coffee… I know, I need to switch it up soon.


Overall Starbucks Rating:

A Starbucks hidden in the depths of Rockefeller Center’s subway terminal. Who knew?



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