NYC Starbucks: 44th & Madison

7 Oct

44th and Madison Starbucks

Here’s a small hint to the rating system I have been working with since this blog’s inception. If the only nice thing I can say about a NYC Starbucks is it’s in a good location, then — yea — it’s a 1-Cup Starbucks. Case in point: The Starbucks on 44th & Madison Avenue.

This Starbucks is directly across the best-kept secret Starbucks I visited last Friday. Unfortunately, last week’s Starbucks hides so well, that this one is forced to take the brunt of Midtown traffic — even though it’s much smaller and has one-fourth the seating. The coffee line wasn’t too long, but ironically there was even a line of people waiting for someone to leave the completely occupied seating area.

The only thing this Starbucks has going for it is the fact that there’s no restroom, so obviously, the patrons can’t linger forever.

The Good:

The Location… A pretty perfect spot in Midtown. Between Grand Central Times Square and just north of the crowded 42nd street.

The Bad:

The Size… Tiny and shallow. A small cube with a circulating line.

The Crowd… Not an open seat in the place and people lingering for one to appear.

The Seating… Four cramped stools against one window and two small tables.

The Restroom… None.

Barista Friendliness:


Drink of Choice: 

Grande Iced Coffee.


Overall Starbucks Rating:

A small square Starbucks in Midtown.



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