Reflection: April

2 May

April - Copy


You can tell it warmed up in the month of April just by looking above and seeing iced coffees and teas in most of my photos.

This month I reached a total of 14 unique Starbucks locations throughout Manhattan in 9 different neighborhoods. However, because of sheer density alone, most of the Starbucks I visited this month were in Midtown. Which makes sense, because if I had to give a rough estimate, I’d say 50-60% of the Manhattan locations belong to this large neighborhood.

This month I got the pleasure of visiting the one and only Starbucks located in the Lower East Side. But the most impressive Starbucks I came across in April has to be the Greenwich and 8th location. The swanky decor and plate glass walls made this one of the most aesthetically appealing locations I’ve seen on my journey. Unfortunately, this month I’ve encountered no 5-Cup locations, while I did stumble across two 1-Cup locations I’d recommend in a caffeine emergency only — both in the center of midtown on 42nd & 43rd street.

With a third of the year already spent. My plan is to kick it into high gear over the some. I’ll be searching for new neighborhoods and new drink combinations. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


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