NYC Starbucks: 47th & 6th

30 Apr


Since moving to New York, I’ve seen Starbucks attached to a lot of random places. Starbucks in hotels, Starbucks attached to a bank, and Starbucks attached to large office buildings. But this location is truly unique because it is attached to the official NHL store here in NYC.

Get excited hockey fans! You can now grab yourself a shot while you browse your favorite team’s novelty merchandise. When I first passed by the NHL store with the Starbucks logo in the window, I assumed it was some sort of trick – like a coffee maker behind the service counter where they’d hand out cups to those that ask. But no. Attached to this hockey retailer is a legitimate (and supposedly corporate owned) Starbucks.

This location is working with a theme of bright blues and reds and consists of metal chairs for seating. It has a long bar for window seating and a small bench with individual tables tucked into it. There’s a long hockey mural on the wall (pictured above) and a giant NHL poster on an adjacent wall. Even though I have no interest in professional hockey what-so-ever, I appreciate the uniqueness of this location. Unfortunately, the blasting AC makes these metal chairs as cold as an ice hockey arena.

The Good:

The Location… Right on top of the B/D/F/M trains and near Rockefeller Center.

The Decor… Bright colors and “hockey themed.” It scores points for uniqueness alone.

The Bad:

The Temperature… I’m wearing a sweater and my hands vulnerable hands are freezing. Is this part of the hockey theme?

Outlets… All covered up. But ironically, I see open outlets in the NHL store just a few feet away.

Restroom… Uno

Barista Friendliness:


Drink of Choice: 

Grande 1/2 Passion, 1/2 Green Tea


Overall Starbucks Rating:

A cute but ice-cold location.



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