NYC Starbucks: 66th & 3rd

28 Jan


It’s snowing!!!

Yeah, I know I probably shouldn’t lead with that statement, since its relativity to this blog is reaching at best, but the fact remains: It is indeed snowing. This being my first winter up north, I have yet to inherit a prejudice toward this white substance that falls from above. When a seasoned New Yorker says “It’s snowing,” the statement comes out a guttural growl of disdain; coming out of my mouth, the words crack the edges of my mouth into a smile and turn my eyes into saucers of glee. In a year or so, I’ll probably assimilate with the masses and learn to despise the snow, but until then I’ll allow my Floridian instincts to fill me with wonder at the sight of this strange-white phenomena.

Shielding me from this Winter Wonderland today is the Starbucks on the corner of 66th and 3rd. Back in the Upper East Side again, this Starbucks is starkly different then the location on 69th and 1st that I visited previously. Whereas the other location was an excellent spot to sit and read or write, this store seems to be strictly business. Those walking in aren’t really looking for a cafe, they’re looking for their coffees, their lattes, their sugary pastries, and they’re looking for them fast.

This Starbucks is literally designed like a drive-through:

Enter in Front: Order: Move Forward: Pick Up Drink: Proceed to Add Cream/Sugar: Exit in Rear

No fuss, no muss. Get in, get out. But of course IF you were looking to sit down for a spell, there are a few tables toward the back as well as bar seating lining the windows. Of course, it’s my personal goal it sit and observe all the Starbucks in Manhattan, but if you’re not me (which I’m assuming you’re not…) you might be best finding another location that has a little less traffic and a little more seating.

The Good:

The Location… In a very nice neighborhood, and a few short blocks from the N/Q/R, 4/5/6, and F trains.

The Set-Up… Equipped with both a front entrance where the line starts and a back exit so the line literally flows right through.

The Bad:

The Foot Traffic… Definitely a lot of people entering and exiting.

Restroom… Just one for both Men & Women (typical NYC Starbucks).

Barista Friendliness:

Fast and efficient.


Drink of Choice: 

Venti-Hot Coffee to keep off the winter chills.


Overall Starbucks Rating:

Not the best to sit at, but they’ll service you and send you on your way faster than a NASCAR pit crew.



One Response to “NYC Starbucks: 66th & 3rd”

  1. Lemon January 28, 2013 at 3:29 PM #

    I am really enjoying your blog. I especially love the photos you post and your descriptions of each location. I love the idea that yes, in theory every Starbucks should be exactly the same because it’s a corporation selling exactly the same products and services, but that in actuality, each store is affected by the neighborhood it is in and made unique. I have never been to New York City and am really enjoying learning about the different neighborhoods. This is a fun blog.

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