NYC Starbucks: 47th & Broadway

26 Jan


Times Square — synonymous with towering skyscrapers, bustling crowds, Broadway shows, flashing lights — and dozens of Starbucks.

If NYC is in fact The City that Never Sleeps, then Times Square is one giant nightlight. Whether it be midnight or 5am, if you take a stroll around the cross-section of Broadway and 7th Avenue you’re bound to be bathed in the bright lights of the city.

It is indeed the most iconic landmark in the city and arguably an international reflection of America itself, but for a New Yorker Times Square is definitely an area you’ll go out of your way to avoid if you have the choice. Once Broadway shifts from a trafficked street to a painted blue concourse of pedestrians (at this very street corner, actually) it can seem like quick sand to those of us just passing through. Stuffed with gaggles of tourists, giant dancing Disney characters, and over-anxious solicitors selling tickets, the area makes those of us simply looking to catch a train or get to work bite our lips and hold our tongues.

One perk: there are Starbucks everywhere! And the one on 47th & Broadway seems to be the grandest of them all.

Positioned directly across Broadway from the TKTS booth — where anyone can pick up discounted theatre tickets day-of — this location clearly aims at being a landmark in itself. Upon entering and taking in my surroundings, I was immediately impressed. Placed directly in front of the entrance-way is a large multi-screen digital display, where live-tweets to #Starbucks flash on the screen. Below this are are several interactive touch screen monitors allowing visitors to browse through a New York Times archive of news and images of Times Square throughout the 20th century. Other amenities include a gift shop for a variety of merchandise, a bar exclusively for grinding coffee, and long-glass walls lined with counter-tops allowing you to take in the bright lights of the area.

Clearly not designed for those who wish to sit down and enjoy their coffee, this Starbucks clearly caters to the masses that are looking for a quick reprieve and a warm beverage before jumping back out into the torrents of sightseers. But, hey! Why not stop by on your way to a Broadway show?

The Good:

The Decor… A High-Tech Starbucks to say the least.

The Hours… Open until 1am weekdays and 2am weekends.

The Location… So many trains come into this area — unfortunately they happen to bring so many people with them.

The Bad:

The Seating… Only a small portion of seating in one corner of the store.

The Crowd… It’s Times Square — enough said.

The WiFi… It’s here, but definitely slower than most locations.

Barista Friendliness:

Another Starbucks prepared with an army of hardworking baristas.


Drink of Choice: 

Venti-Skinny Mocha… A nice hot mocha always seems to taste 100x better on a cold day like today.


Overall Starbucks Rating:

Very impressive. If you’re a fan of Starbucks, this is definitely a must-see when coming to New York.



One Response to “NYC Starbucks: 47th & Broadway”

  1. heysugarsugar January 26, 2013 at 8:38 PM #

    When I visit NYC ( I live in the U.K.) this is my Starbucks of choice when I am there ..yes TImes Square is what it is but it’s somewhere I always seem to pass through ! That Starbucks has saved the day more than once ! Lol great blog , Ceri

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