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NYC Starbucks: 53rd & 6th NEC

6 Jul

53rd and 6th Starbucks NEC

Earlier this week I was visiting the Starbucks on the southwest corner of 53rd and 6th avenue when I discovered another Starbucks directly across the street and promised to return to do a comparative analysis.

Looks like today is that day.

The Starbucks on the northeast corner of the intersection differs greatly from its sister store. Where that one is bright, this one is dim. Where that one is small, this one is large. Where that one is cramped, this one is — slightly less cramped.

All in all, I’d say this one is “1-Cup” above the other — mostly due to a larger seating area and more fluid crowd. You still have to wait longer than normal to receive your drink then you would a regular Starbucks, but here you have more room to spread out. Both have 1 restroom, a touristy vibe, and statuary directly outside of them (thanks MoMA!).

Now if only I could find an intersection in NYC where there are 3 or 4 Starbucks on the same corner.

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NYC Starbucks: 33rd & 10th

3 Jul

33rd and 10th Starbucks

Today my journey brought me to the Starbucks on 33rd and 10th avenue.

I love Hells Kitchen and adore Chelsea, but there is this 10-15 block cross-section between the two neighborhoods that I’ve concluded is one of the ugliest neighborhoods in Manhattan. It’s picked up the name Hellsea, and I couldn’t agree more. Not only is it covered in construction and jammed with traffic most hours of the day, but there is ultimately no real reason for one to venture into this part of the city unless your fleeing by way of the Lincoln Tunnel. It doesn’t look residential and the few restaurants I passed by failed to stand out.

This Starbucks is actually located in the lobby of the Associated Press’s headquarters. While most lobby-oriented Starbucks are squashed and unimpressive, this one is actually a decent looking cafe. It has glass panels separating it from the entrance to the AP, and could just as easily be a solo-location.

I arrived just in time to catch the 5pm mass-exodus from the offices of the AP. Although several caffeine deprived reporters dived in for a quick pick-me-up, the line never grew too long and most left, leaving the seats vacant. If I worked for the AP I fear half my salary would be drained at this Starbucks.

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