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NYC Starbucks: 58th & 8th

17 Jun

58th and 8th Starbucks

The Starbucks on 58th and 8th Avenue is full of unused potential. Well… maybe not potential, but certainly a lot of unused space. There is an entire back wall that is completely empty of tables and chairs. There’s even a lonely open outlet on the wall that probably never gets used — except for maybe the desperate person needing to charge their phone that wanders in once in a while. I can picture them leaning their on the wall, as I’ve seen at so many other Starbucks before.

I think the lack of accommodations at this Starbucks is nothing more than a defensive strategy against the tourists and workforce that are assuredly beating down the door every hour of operations. I remember visiting the Columbus Circle Starbucks just north of here and feeling like I was in a mosh-pit.

Luckily I arrived here during a lull in business and was able to grab on of the few barstools that line the barista bar. The good thing about sitting in an uninviting Starbucks such as this one is that the  crowd disappears fast. I see them come in the front order their drinks or see that the only restroom is currently out-of-order then head out.

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