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NYC Starbucks: 24th & 6th

3 May


Now I’d like to think that I have a strong knowledge of the Starbucks menu and what they do and do not offer. So since I just spotted salads and pretzels at Starbucks last week, I’m going to assume that these are recent additions and not old offerings. Right?

Although I haven’t tried either, I’m more intrigued by the salad then the pretzel. Cafes offer baked goods; that’s a given. But Starbucks is slowly tip-toeing across the line to becoming a lunch destination as well as coffee house. Did you know that Starbucks got its start selling coffee beans, and not coffee itself? Expansion seems to be built into the fabric of the company, so it makes sense that the next evolution may be a fast-food hybrid. This is also ironic, because McDonald’s is clearly trying to be more like Starbucks with the McCafe. ¬†Personally, I don’t trust McDonald’s with espresso, and I wouldn’t trust Starbucks with a burger.

But that’s a discussion to be explored at another time… Now let’s focus on the Flatiron Starbucks on 24th and 6th.

This location has more seating per square foot than most I’ve been to. It’s simply crammed in everywhere. There’s tables for two filling one side of the room, a very long and slender community table that reminds me of those horrid cafeteria tables in high school, more long bar seating next to that, and then a little seating nook with a few comfy leather chairs. No this location is not abnormally large… it is just very¬†accommodating. Unfortunately it’s also covered in construction awnings on both sides of the street.

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