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NYC Starbucks: Roosevelt Island

20 Oct

Roosevelt Island Starbucks

Roosevelt Island is a small narrow island between Manhattan and Queens. It’s about 2 miles long and no more than 800 feet wide at any point. Although completely separated by water, it belongs to the borough of Manhattan. There’s no more than 20,000 people living on this island, and there is exactly one Starbucks servicing them all.

Here’s some other fun facts about Roosevelt Island:

  • In the 1800s the city of New York bought the island and used it to keep prisoners and the mentally ill.
  • The easiest way onto the island from Manhattan is using the Roosevelt Island Tram from 60th street and 2nd Avenue. It’ll cost you $2.50 each way.
  • If you’ve ever seen the first Spider-Man movie with Tobey Maguire, you may remember seeing Spider-Man rescue dozens of people from the dangling from the tram.
  • Until 1989 the tram was the only way to access Roosevelt Island from Manhattan. Then the F-train came along.
  • The only way to get a car or truck onto the island is from Queens using the Roosevelt Island Bridge.
  • If you’ve ever seen the first Spider-Man movie with Tobey Maguire, you may remember seeing Spider-Man rescue dozens of people from the dangling from the Roosevelt Island Tram.

Okay — enough about the island, I know you’re dying to hear about its only Starbucks.

The best way I can describe this Starbucks is that it in no way resembles your typical NYC Starbucks. If anything, it reminds me of some of my favorite Florida Starbucks. Meaning, there is just as much outdoor seating as there is indoors. In fact, you would probably prefer to sit outside — there’s quite the view. The Starbucks is surrounded by shrubs and green grass, and unless you look across to Manhattan you almost forget where you are. At least until you notice that this Starbucks has only one unisex restroom — and then it all comes back to you.

So if you’re a New Yorker living on Roosevelt Island, congrats! You’ve got yourself a great Starbucks. And if you’re a New Yorker who has yet to visit the island, I’d recommend you make the trip. Take the tram. See the views. Grab a coffee.

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NYC Starbucks: 60th & 1st

9 Mar


Today I woke up to spring. Yesterday may have consisted of snow, rain, and dreary skies. But today spring decided to pay Manhattan a visit for the first time in 2013.

I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to spring with such zeal. In Florida, spring was a simple reminder that summer was on its way. Meaning: stay indoors and crank the AC. But here in New York, I can feel the city’s eagerness for the bloom of spring — which is ironic considering our lack of greenery.

To further brighten my day, I decided to sample the latest addition to the Starbucks espresso family: The Hazelnut Macchiato. Like its sister-drink, the caramel macchiato, you can get this one hot, iced, or skinny. Not only are the macchiatos the most visually appealing drinks, but they are delicious and pack an espresso punch. Although I still prefer the caramel to the hazelnut (I think it’s the vanilla syrup) I appreciate the expansion of the macchiato family. Next, I’d like to see a mocha macchiato variant.

The Starbucks on 60th and 1st Avenue seems to defy neighborhood placement. It is north of Sutton Place — south of Yorkville — East of Lenox Hill — and is west of the East River and Roosevelt Island. All of these areas are relatively small sub-neighborhoods. So I guess we can just say this is another generic Upper East Side Starbucks. Which would explain its superior¬†accommodations.

One of the most charming aspects of this location is that it is slightly tucked in form 1st Avenue, and rows of outdoor chairs have been staggered on the sidewalk Рa  concrete version of a park-bench, so to speak. This, combined with the natural lighting and studious crowd, makes it an excellent Starbucks to take a load off at.

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