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NYC Starbucks: 52nd & Lexington

17 Oct

52nd and Lexington Starbucks

The Starbucks on 52nd & Lexington is located on a small section of 52nd street that has been dubbed Lew Rudin Way. The apples on the street sign made me think he must have been some great educator here in NYC, but as it turns out he was a great landlord instead. Alongside his brother, he headed one of NYC’s oldest real estate dynasties and was a strong civic booster. Doesn’t sound like your typical landlord, right? He died of cancer just after 9/11, and this portion of 52nd street was renamed in his honor in 2002.

The Starbucks on the corner of Lew Rudin Way is impressive for a Midtown location. It even has three outdoor tables right there on the sidewalk. Obviously, this is an added perk that most NYC Starbucks cannot afford; however, the fact that the tables have no barrier what-so-ever from the street crowd is a little unnerving. Plus the WiFi is really shoddy out there.

But never fear, there’s still plenty of seating inside.

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NYC Starbucks: 55th & 7th

12 Mar


After giving us three beautiful days in a row, it seems the weather gods of NYC decided to curse us with a miserable rainy day. Most people stay in on days like these — I put on my rain boots and head to Starbucks. You’re practically guaranteed a seat at any location since so few are willing to venture out into the rain.

Not wanting to venture too far — there’s only so much rain one can take — I settled on a Starbucks in Midtown. This Starbucks on 55th and 7th may be on the same block as the 54th and Broadway location, but their resemblance stops at the drinks they serve. This location is large and inviting. Its neighbor could not even squeeze in a restroom.

Pictured above is a piece of a wall mural consisting of inspiring words. Although I’ve seen some of these word murals at Starbucks locations before — and usually find mass produced wall art to be as inspiring as cob webs — I found this particular quote to be relatable. It reads:

“Does it taste like berries? Does it taste like chocolate? Does it taste like wood? Does it taste like cinnamon?” She questioned.

“It tastes like home.” He replied.

We all have scents, sounds, and tastes that bring back memories. I taste home whenever I have plain hot coffee with cream and sugar. I started drinking coffee at a very young age. It was my Grandmother that first introduced showed me the light. I remember how she would leave one cup in the carafe for me. She’d do it despite my mother’s insistence that I was too young for coffee and that it would stunt my growth.

Luckily, I survived to be a well-rounded 5’10.

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