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NYC Starbucks: 39th & Park

8 Aug

39th and Park Starbucks

The perfectly placed Starbucks would be one directly on the way from your home to work in the morning. In NYC, thousands of people commute in through Grand Central Terminal each day and walk to their place of business — usually somewhere in Midtown. Therefore, the Starbucks on 39th and Park Ave is probably the go-to Starbucks to hundreds of people each day.

This Starbucks is far enough from the terminal to likely avoid being swarmed but close enough to not be out of anyone’s way. And if it is… luckily this is Midtown, so there’s bound to be another Starbucks in any other direction. It’s also conveniently surrounded by three banks: Capital One, Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

Inside, the Starbucks is L-shaped with an elevated ceiling and various hanging light fixtures. Most seats are elevated barstools facing the windows, but there is also a cushioned sofa equipped with power outlets on one interior wall.

While most Midtown Starbucks are only bearable enough to get your drink and go, this one I could actually spend some time in.

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NYC Starbucks: 19th & Park

20 Mar


Somewhere around 19th Street and Park Avenue South you have the collision of three distinct New York neighborhoods: The Flat Iron District, Union Square, and Gramercy. And I’m currently sitting at the Starbucks that sits there on the border. Since I’ve already visited the former two neighborhoods, let’s focus on the latter.

Gramercy is a neighborhood structured around Gramercy Park. This park is unique for NYC in the fact that it is a private park, and only residents with a key can obtain access. No worries though, the park is actually quite small, and all a member of the general public need do is walk a few blocks west or south to the nearest public park. Trust me, Manhattan is not having a park shortage. But this disposition toward solitude may reveal why Gramercy, the neighborhood, has gained the reputation of being very quiet and reserved.

One peculiar fact about the Starbucks on 19th and Park is that it has one entrance that leads into the street and another that leads into a Bank of America. In case you were wondering the natural progression of the average caffeine addict, it goes bank –> Starbucks. And this location just expedited the process. There’s also a Chase directly across the street in case you’re not down with BofA.

Although not the most impressive of Starbucks, this one is not without its charms. The two red armchairs and poster sized image of an Italian scooter are two notable characteristics.

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