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NYC Starbucks: Greenwich & Bank

3 Jan


Tucked away between 7th and 8th avenue, this Greenwich Village Starbucks has become one of my favorites in Manhattan. Whereas most locations in the city seem to sweep you in then urge you out, this little gem almost begs you to stay.

Location is key here. Not being on a main avenue and not directly in the path of any trains, you almost have to go looking for this one to find it. Surrounded by neighboring restaurants that boast brunch specials and an Equinox to get your fitness-fix, this Starbucks offers a treat for all. It’s larger-than-most sitting area features a window bar, tables-for-two, a large group table, and… YES!.. ¬†even some comfy chairs that most Starbucks seem to have excommunicated from their premises.

So whether you’re bringing a great read, a good friend, or a tireless assignment this Starbucks has a seat for you.

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