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NYC Starbucks: 28th & 7th

16 Jul

28th and 7th  Starbucks

I like my coffee with cream, splenda and hold the discrimination.

Currently there is a group of 12 deaf individuals that are suing Starbucks based on the actions of some baristas here in NYC. I’ve read several articles on the topic (like this one from Huffington Post), and I wish I could say I don’t believe the allegations to be true, but honestly I do.

As someone who’s visited over 100 Starbucks in Manhattan this year alone, I’ve witnessed lots of things. Mostly it’s inappropriate patrons, but at times the baristas can be a little less than pleasant. I can’t say I’ve ever witnessed any form of discrimination, though — mostly just burnt out employees that are probably in need of a 15 minute break. But what this group of patrons is accusing those baristas of is something else. It’ll be interesting to see where this case goes.

Ok. That’s enough of that. Let’s talk about the Starbucks on 28th & 7th. This Starbucks is in Chelsea directly across from the Fashion Institute of Technology. So far I’ve witnessed no one discriminating against anyone, despite the fact that this Starbucks is crowded with patrons. But I am keeping an eye out.

This Starbucks is a split level, with an elevated seating area connected by a staircase in the front of the store. There are two seating areas (one up, one down), plenty of scattered power outlets, and one restroom. The lighting is dim and the construction outside doesn’t allow much sun to seep through the windows. Luckily this Starbucks affords enough space for the giant crowd it attracts to spread out once they get their order. One helluva line though.

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