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NYC Starbucks: Dey & Church

11 Sep

Dey and Church Starbucks

Today is one of those days that you feel stupid the moment you ask “What’s the date?” aloud.

Twelve years ago today, America was forever changed by the tragic and horrific terrorist attack known now as 9/11. Everybody — over the age of 15 — has their own story to tell about what they experienced that day. Living in Florida at the ripe age of 12, my story is more muted than most. I remember being in 7th grade homeroom class, when an announcement came on the overhead for all teachers to turn on the news. I remember seeing the second plane crash into the South Tower. And I remember hearing the word terrorism for the first time.

Now, living here in NYC under the shadow of the Freedom Tower, I often wonder what it was like for New Yorkers on that day. I remember being stunned at how close the Freedom Tower appeared to my former apartment in the West Village. This is a small island — full of connections — and I can’t imagine the unadulterated panic that went through every New Yorker on that day.

Ironically, what brought me down to the Financial District today was not a strong urge to commemorate the day or Starbucks blog, but a class. In all truth — and I hate to admit this — but I feel slightly uncomfortable being so close to the exact site of the attack twelve years later. However, once I got into the area and saw all those paying respect, I couldn’t help but take the time to write my thoughts.¬†And what better place to do that than a Starbucks…

This Starbucks on the corner of Dey and Church Street is actually addressed 195 Broadway. The 29-story sky scraper that encompasses the Starbucks is pretty historic. It once served as the headquarters for the American Telephone and Telegraph and is the site of the first transatlantic phone call.

The Starbucks contains quite the crowd — which I’m sure is comprised of half businessmen, half sightseers. But the construction of the Starbucks — both interior and exterior — is very appealing, and the line moves quickly. Not to mention, it’s extremely close to most trains. And, from the spot directly outside of the Starbucks’ entrance, one can see a picturesque view of the Freedom Tower.

All in all, this Starbucks may be just average, but its location is one I will never forget.

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