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NYC Starbucks: Astor Place & Lafayette

6 Feb


I wanted the first Starbucks of February to be a good one — and the Astor Place Starbucks did not disappoint.

Astor Place is probably one of Manhattan’s smallest neighborhoods. Just encompassing two city blocks, the neighborhood was named after John Jacob Astor — the 19th century multi-millionaire. Astor Place is also home to the Alamo — the cube sculpture depicted above — and if you get enough buddies together or have the build of Atlas you can literally spin the cube installation on the spot.

The Starbucks on the corner of Astor Place and Lafayette Street is unique in many ways, but it’s ultimate trump factor lies in its generous size. Not only is the main seating area larger than most, but it also has two very extensive covered patio areas. These are insulated with glass panels and lined with high seating, giving patrons a great spot to sit and people watch the passerbys of NYC.

And did I mention the stage? Yes — this Starbucks literally has a stage. Okay, so at the moment it too is filled with table seating, but it can easily be converting into a small venue for some live music, stand-up, or maybe even some really bad karaoke. In fact — Alanis Morissette performed here back in 2005.

And if Alanis Morissette approves of this Starbucks, who am I to disagree?

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