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NYC Starbucks: 22nd & 6th

8 Mar


This Starbucks is my go-to location for my morning coffee. Like so many of you, I can’t imagine coming into work without bearing a coffee in one hand. Luckily this location is directly on my path from the 1-Train in Chelsea to where I work in the Flat Iron.

Surrounded by businesses, this is the type of location where the baristas don’t even need to ask your drink order. They simply smile at you out of recognition and confirm your drink with you: “Venti Pike, right?” — “Yep, that’s me.” Getting to know your team of baristas — or “partners” — has value. Being on a first name basis with those who provide your daily fix is always a good thing. Starbucks clearly takes pride in hiring those with a warm and friendly disposition. Plus they can be an excellent source of information for coffee questions or suggestions. My baristas back home — Logan & Marla — introduced me to many different items — both on and off the menu.

One aspect I really appreciate about this location is that the early morning rush does not affect the welcoming environment. There is a seating area in the back and one on the front, and both are typically bare between the hours of 8am-10am. Which makes perfect sense. Who has time to sit and enjoy their coffee anymore? This guy! If I’m ever ahead of schedule, I can¬†guarantee that ¬†I will be able to find a nice cozy spot here to sit and read the New York Times while I enjoy my coffee and a bagel.

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