NYC Starbucks: 23rd & 1st

21 Dec

23rd and 1st Starbucks

I really was not expecting to find very many great Starbucks left in Manhattan this close to the year’s end. Yet, here I sit at the beautifully designed Starbucks on the border of Stuyvesant Town and Kips Bay. This Starbucks  can’t be more than a few weeks old, and its size, design, decor, seating and overall newness really do make for a perfect Starbucks in the city.

My favorite attribute has to be the chain screen panels that separate the seating area from the hall and the bar. But other great features include the hanging lighting, the wood paneled walls and the hanging pictures. And the closest thing to a flaw this Starbucks has is its location. This area on 1st ave is at least 10 blocks from everything and a long walk to public transportation that’s not a bus. Fortunately there is a Citi Bike just out front. How do you think I got here?

The Good:

The Size… Much bigger than your average NYC Starbucks. There’s only one seating area but it’s spread out enough not to feel cramped.

The Seating… A long L-shaped sofa, an even longer communal table and several tables for two and four.

The Decor… From seating to lighting, this Starbucks is really well put together.

The Restroom… There are two! They’re even separated by gender. Am I still in New York?

The Bad:

The Location… A little off the beaten path. The closest train is 6, which is still a few blocks west.

Barista Friendliness:


Drink of Choice: 

Venti Iced Coffee.


Overall Starbucks Rating:

A large and beautifully decorated Starbucks at the edge of Manhattan in Kips Bay.



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