NYC Starbucks: 57th & 8th SEC

22 Nov

57th and 8th SEC Starbucks

One day last month I was walking down 8th Avenue from Columbus Circle — probably thinking about how cold it was getting outside or pondering what I was going to be for Halloween — when I passed by an blatantly brand new Starbucks on 57th & 8th. Not another one! was my first thought. My second being: OMG, look how small it is!

Obviously, I’m the last to complain about more Starbucks popping up in NYC, it’s just that at times it feels like I’ll never be able to visit them all if I can’t keep track of where and when they appear. Luckily, I stumbled by this one by chance. So I quickly made note of it and promised to come back one day. And today is that day.

The reason my second thought was on the size of this Starbucks is because it is perhaps the smallest in Manhattan. Literally I could see the Starbucks in its entirety just by casually passing by on the street. I’m torn whether the Starbucks on 42nd & 6th is a tiny bit smaller or not. Since I’m not about to break out a measuring tape, I’ll call it a tie. 

This Starbucks has no seats. No restroom. No available power outlets. But, ironically it does offer Google WiFi. When I arrived there was a young woman perched in the corner, half-sitting on a ledge, typing away on her laptop. She left. So can you guess where I’m at now? Yep — that very same ledge. Obviously, this Starbucks isn’t meant for loitering, but it just goes to show that its meager size won’t stop New Yorkers from lingering. 

The Good:

The Location… It really is in an ideal location. It’s on 8th Avenue just south of Columbus Circle and Central Park and north of the Theatre District.

The Design… You can tell this Starbucks is brand new from its decked out decor alone. The in-wall refrigeration system, paneled wood walls and LED-lighting all enhance this tiny, tiny Starbucks.

The Bad:

The Size… What you see pictured above is what you get. The inside is a small square room that can’t be more than the size of a two car garage (including the kitchen area).

The Seating… None. There’s totally room for some too, but I don’ think this Starbucks is intended for the studious or social types.

The Restroom… None. I wonder if the baristas even have one.

Barista Friendliness:

The barista taking my order simply forgot to write it on a cup so 3 people behind me got their drinks before me. I wasn’t in a rush so it wasn’t a big deal… but isn’t that like Barista 101?


Drink of Choice: 

Tall Iced Coffee… A small drink for a small Starbucks.


Overall Starbucks Rating:

Quite possibly the smallest Starbucks in Manhattan.



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