NYC Starbucks: 43rd & 3rd

16 Nov

43rd and 3rd Starbucks

Yesterday I visited a small and cramped Starbucks in a neighborhood full of spacious apartments, and today I’m at a considerably sized Starbucks in a neighborhood of unbelievably small apartments. What a conundrum! I guess that just goes to show you can’t depend on the neighborhood stereotypes for everything.

The Starbucks on 43rd and 3rd really did surprise me with its grand size and moderate crowd. From what I’ve discovered, the handful of big Midtown Starbucks are strategically placed to impress travels and tourists — Times Square, Herald Square, etc… But this Starbucks is just hidden enough for the patrons to be residential and still be located near Grand Central Terminal.

If I lived in the neighborhood this would definitely be my “Go-To Starbucks.” In fact, anyone living in Midtown will probably have more office space here than in their own apartments.

The Good:

The Location… In Midtown East/Turtle Bay and near Grand Central Terminal. Both conveniently located and far enough from most tourist areas.

The Size… Very spacious for Midtown.

The Seating… There’s only one seating area but it’s huge. There’s window seating, two benches against one long wall, a large communal table and plenty of tables-for-two.

The Crowd… Very tame. Lots of laptop folks and a few chatty ones.

The Bad:

The Hours… Closes at 9pm on weekdays and 7pm on weekends.

The Restroom… Just the one.

Barista Friendliness:


Drink of Choice: 

Tall Pike.


Overall Starbucks Rating:

A roomy Midtown Starbucks just East of Grand Central Terminal.



2 Responses to “NYC Starbucks: 43rd & 3rd”

  1. StarbucksMelody (@SbuxMel) November 17, 2013 at 11:19 AM #

    Nice sign for La Boulange! I always wish you’d take just a few more pictures at the stores you visit. Where was the sign actually hanging?

    • Harlequin Boy November 17, 2013 at 1:46 PM #

      Thanks for the feedback! This was drawn on the chalkboard that hung over the milk station. It caught my eye the moment I walked in to the store.

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