NYC Starbucks: 49th & 7th

8 Nov

49th and 7th Starbucks

Fall simply does not last long enough here in NYC. It’s only early November and already we’re in the 30s with the threat of snow next week. Obviously that’s the latent Floridian in me talking, but still… Brrr!

I’m currently concealed from the cold drinking my tall hot coffee at the Starbucks on 49th and 7th. Although, it’s technically north of Time Square, it’s still surrounded by the bright lights and hype of the area. The crowd is just as touristy here as it is on 42nd street, and the lines are no shorter. In fact, at the moment I can’t really make out the difference between those waiting to use the single restroom and those waiting for their drinks. They all stew in a still silence.

Also notable on this trip… there seems to be a group of pirates gathering in one corner of this Starbucks. It started with one. Then two. Now I’m sitting across from three fully dressed pirates. Perhaps they make money taking pictures under the bright lights, or maybe this is just a group of guys attending a very late Halloween party.

While I still hold the belief that no Starbucks in NYC is typical, I will admit that this one cannot help resemble every other Times Square Starbucks. It’s bursting with crowds. The baristas move slow simply because they’re consistently overwhelmed. The restroom line is a mess. And 50 percent of the people using the seating — if there is any — have made no purchase.

Still, if you like high energy environments, this very well could be the Starbucks for you!

The Good:

The Location… Directly on top the 49th street N/Q/R station and just north of the TKTS booth in Times Square.

The Decor… There is film strip photography on one wall, which is cute. But my favorite feature is the giant lighted arrow pointing to the coffee pickup section (pictured above). Clearly, you need to spell it out for some people!

The Hours… Open until midnight everyday but Sunday.

The Bad:

The Size… Simply not large enough to handle the Times Square crowd.

The Crowd… Very heavy. Lots of people waiting around and lots taking up seats with no purchase.

The Restroom… Just one with quite the line.

Barista Friendliness:

A little on the slow side, but I can’t really blame them.


Drink of Choice: 

Tall Pike


Overall Starbucks Rating:

Your typical crowded Starbucks under the lights of Times Square.



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