NYC Starbucks: Carlisle & Washington

30 Oct

Carlisle and Washington Starbucks

I found it! I’ve been waiting to come across this Starbucks since I started this blog. No… the Starbucks on Carlisle and Washington is nothing spectacular — quite the opposite actually — but it holds a special place in my memory as it is one of the Starbucks I came to when I first visited NYC. Actually — I don’t even think I purchased anything at this location, I just really needed to use the restroom after paying my respects to the 911 Memorial. And now that I’m thinking about it, that action was a clue that I was meant to be a New Yorker.

This Starbucks is actually attached a part of the Marriott Downtown which is right of the West Side Highway of Manhattan. You can either enter the Starbucks through the lobby or its separate entrance on the backside of the Marriott. I think we must have been lost when we stumbled upon this location, because the cross-street of Carlisle and Washington isn’t exactly out in the open.

Once inside you’ll notice a couple of things. It’s extremely small. It has only one small stretch of seating. And there is no public restroom. If you’re really observant, you’ll also notice that this is a licensed Starbucks (probably owned by Marriott). The give-away? They don’t have the Starbucks App scanners and the receipts look different. Also the Internet is not AT&T WiFi or Google WiFi; it’s provided by the Marriott and doesn’t seem to work properly.

The Good:

The Location… Just south of the 911 Memorial and north of the 1-train.

The Bad:

The Size… Just enough room for one stretch of seating and the barista bar.

The Hours… Open until 7pm Sunday-Thursday and 8pm Friday and Saturday.

The Seating… Only six chairs attached to a low table near the exterior window.

The WiFi… It is named Marriott Lobby and even though it said I was connected I could not load any webpages.

The Restroom… None in the Starbucks itself, but you can always sneak into the lobby restroom of the Marriott. Shhh!

Barista Friendliness:


Drink of Choice: 

Grande Caffè Misto


Overall Starbucks Rating:

A small licensed Starbucks attached to Marriott Downtown.



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