NYC Starbucks: 35th & 7th

19 Oct

35th and 7th Starbucks

There is one aspect of each Starbucks that you can’t easily predict by simply looking at it. The quality of its WiFi. Sure you can always log on — unless of course the Starbucks’ Internet is actually down, which happens — technology isn’t perfect. But some Starbucks tend to give me flashbacks to the days of AOL and webpages loading in increments over a minute and a half. Yea, nobody misses those days.

Of course there are some telling signs that the WiFi may be less than impressive: a small location with no seating, a large crowd with lots of laptops, or conversely a large crowd with no laptops at all. Still… you’ll never really know until you attempt to log on.

The Starbucks on 35th & 7th is one that I had a sneaking suspicion from the moment I walked in that the WiFi would be slower than most. Maybe it’s because this is a Midtown Starbucks or because it’s heavily crowded, but somehow I knew the WiFi would be touch and go. What does that mean? Basically — no Youtube videos and Google image search will make you want to punch a baby, which I don’t endorse.

Other than the WiFi, this Starbucks is a mixed bag of lots of good and plenty of bad. It’s in a popular location, much larger than most, has great decor and stays open later than most. Unfortunately, Newton proved long ago that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Meaning this attractive Starbucks in a popular area of NYC can’t help but be bogged down by a huge crowd. Or maybe Kevin Costner said it best in Field of Dreams: “If you build it, they will come.”

The Good:

The Location… Perfect in terms of transportation and shopping. Not so perfect if you don’t like crowds.

The Decor… Above you’ll see plenty framed pictures that somewhat-subtly market Starbucks while portraying people in different acts of life, always smiling — of course. I’ve never seen these in a Starbucks before, but they’re pretty cool.

The Size… If it were a cup it’d be a Grande. Not huge, but big enough to fit the huge crowds of tourists.

The Hours… Open until Midnight on weekends and and 11pm or after all other nights.

The Bad:

The Crowd… Very, very crowded.

The Lines… Both the restroom and the coffee line are quite lengthy.

The WiFi… Definitely on the slow side.

The Restroom… Just one.

Barista Friendliness:


Drink of Choice: 

Grande Iced Coffee… I keep forgetting to get a tall!


Overall Starbucks Rating:

A mixed bag Starbucks… lots of good and lots of bad.



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