NYC Starbucks: 45th & Broadway SEC

14 Sep

45th and Broadway Starbucks

Just yesterday I was pleasantly surprised by a Midtown Starbucks on 53rd & Lexington that was both welcoming and spacious. Today, I’m thrown deeper into bewilderment as I sit at a Time Square Starbucks that is neither crowded nor small.

The Starbucks on the corner of 45th and Broadway is just a few steps away from what is arguably the heaviest tourist crowd in the country, yet sitting inside you would never suspect it. Sure, the crowd ebbs and flows, but there always seems to be an available chair or two. There’s even a set of comfy chairs in the front seating area. My only theory is that this Starbucks is protected by the fact that it is on 45th and not Broadway itself. Most caffeine craving sightseers simply never hear the siren’s call.

I could spend more time theorizing over why this Starbucks is the way it is. But I’d rather just take some time to enjoy it while I sip my Chocolate Chai Tea Latte.

The Good:

The Location… Feet from Time Square, most subway lines, the theatres of Broadway and those expensive and overcrowded restaurants.

The Size… Large enough to absorb the Time Square tourist crowd.

The Seating… Two distinct seating areas and stools at the bar.

The Crowd… For being steps away from what is arguably the heaviest tourist crowd in the country, this Starbucks is not nearly as crowded as one would suspect.

The Bad:

The WiFi… A tad on the slow side.

The Restroom… Just the one.

Barista Friendliness:


Drink of Choice: 

Venti Iced Chocolate Chai Tea Latte… A chocolatey twist to chai and the newest addition to the Starbucks fall lineup.


Overall Starbucks Rating:

A large and lightly crowded Starbucks just a few yards from the center of it all.



One Response to “NYC Starbucks: 45th & Broadway SEC”

  1. Rob Moses Photography September 14, 2013 at 8:55 PM #

    Nice pics, i love me some starbucks!!! 😀

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