NYC Starbucks: 42nd & Park SEC

3 Sep

42nd and Park SEC Starbucks

It’s back — for the 10th year in a row: Starbucks’ infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte. So it’s official. Fall is here… at least according to Starbucks, it is. Honestly, in past years, I’ve never been the biggest fan of this drink, but it’s been growing on me year after year. Starbucks’ strategy of offering the PSL only during a limited time of year is pretty genius, if you ask me. Twitter is abuzz with #PSL, and half the drinks I’ve heard ordered today are that exactly.

The Starbucks that I’m sitting at — enjoying my PSL — is on the southeast corner of 42nd and Park Ave. It’s just south of Grand Central Terminal, and in one of the busiest sections of Midtown — apart from Time Square and Herald Square, that is.

Currently, I’m sitting in the window, watching as a line of 8+ people wait for a Citi Bike to become available to them so they can get home. Since that’s my ticket home as well, I figured I’ll linger here until that line disappears or I really, really need to use the restroom.

So yeah — obviously this Starbucks has no restroom available for its patrons. It’s small, with limited seating and a decent view of the hurried passersby on their way to the terminal. If you can get one of the few seats this Starbucks offers, then it’s not too terrible a place to hang out. At least it’s good for people watching, if that’s your thing.

The Good:

The Location… Directly across from both Grand Central Terminal and Pershing Square in Midtown.

The Crowd… Not as bad as I would expect for a Starbucks in this location. Most seats were available.

The Bad:

The Seating… Only five high-chairs in the small window space.

The Hours… Closes at 8:30pm most weeknights and earlier on the weekends.

The Restroom… None for public use.

Barista Friendliness:

Friendlier than most.


Drink of Choice: 

Iced Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte


Overall Starbucks Rating:

This Starbucks is the last thing commuters see before entering Grand Central.



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