Reflection: July

1 Aug

NYC Starbucks_July


July was a doozy of a month. And by ‘doozy’ I mean hot, sweaty, sultry and drippy kind of month. At times, Manhattan felt like a concrete oven, but it wasn’t the smell of cookies that was emanating from the streets.

I visited more Starbucks this month than any other before it, rating 23 individual locations. I also surpassed 100 different Starbucks this month, and bringing my total so far to 113. One could say that July was the month of odd, oblique and randomly placed Starbucks. One thing I learned this month: they’ll squeeze a Starbucks anywhere they can in this city. I visited Starbucks inside banks, office buildings, train stations, bus stations, shopping malls and retail stores. I’m sure I’ll continue to find randomly placed Starbucks locations as my journey continues, and I’m excited to see where else a Starbucks can fit.

The end of July also signifies a personal triumph for me. As of today, I’ve been living in NYC for one complete year. On the morning of August 1st of last year, I boarded a plane to JFK with only a suitcase, a carry-on and a laptop bag. I had sold my car, my bike, all my furniture and 80 percent of my personal items; I had said goodbye to all my friends and family; and I had absolutely no idea what would be in-store for me. One year later, and I’ve made New York my home. I can barely believe that a year has already come and gone. I once heard that 1 year spent in NYC is the equivalent of 3 years spent anywhere else. And maybe that’s why time has flown by so fast; I’ve been busy!

And Starbucks is only part of that. Check out the gallery of the 23 Starbucks locations I rated in July and stay tuned to see how many I can rack up in the month of August.

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