NYC Starbucks: 117th & Pleasant (Target)

30 Jul

117th and Pleasant Starbucks

As the month wraps up, I’m continuing my trend of Starbucks stuffed into place, and everyone’s who’s ever visited a Target store knows how convenient it is to see smell their favorite coffee brand the moment they walk in.

There is actually only one Target on the island of Manhattan, and although this retail superstore is not nearly as popular in the city, it still has a special place in my heart. Without Target, I would never have had the courage to move to NYC. I actually worked for the company as a manager (or Team Leader, in Target-speak) for five years, and they were willing to transfer me up to one of their Brooklyn locations when I got accepted to New York University. Throughout my undergrad, I built my leadership skills within the red wall of Target; I’ve made several great friends; I learned work-ethic and life lessons; and I would never have met my current boyfriend if I had never adorned the red & khaki.

Another thing I got from working at Target — obviously — was an addiction to Starbucks coffee. Although I never worked at this Target, located on 117th and Pleasant Avenue in East Harlem, just walking in here brings back so many memories of my days with the company. I never did work in any of the licensed Starbucks that are within Target stores, but I would frequent them enough to get to know all the barista team members.

The Starbucks inside this Target actually has a great deal of space to itself. There are plenty of small and large tables to sit at, and not surprisingly, at least half of them are occupied by guests with loaded shopping carts. Of course it’s brighter than most Starbucks (fluorescent lights and all), and due to frequent guest traffic, tends to get dirtier a little more quickly.

All in all, it’s not the Starbucks you want to meet a friend for coffee at or hold a study group, but it sure is convenient if you need to get some shopping done.

The Good:

The Convenience… Stop off for your caffeine fix and pick up dinner, some new clothes or anything else Target has to offer.

The WiFi… I’m listing this under ‘Good’ because it wasn’t until last year that Target started offering WiFi for its guests in the first place. Now the Starbucks inside are even more accommodating.

The Restroom… Located right near the Starbucks portion of the store and — needless to say — there are several stalls for both men and women.

The Bad:

The Location… Up in East Harlem… aka Spanish Harlem… aka SpaHa… and 3 long blocks from the closest train — the 6.

The Crowd… Targets are rare in NYC, so they’re also jam packed.

The Decor… Obviously this isn’t your typical coffee house, and the vibe and decorations reflect that.

Barista Friendliness:

Target’s motto for its team members is “Fast, Fun, and Friendly” and these guys were just that.


Drink of Choice: 

Grande Iced Coffee


Overall Starbucks Rating:

The one and only Starbucks in the only Target in Manhattan.



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