NYC Starbucks: 35th & 8th

13 Jun

35th and 8th Starbucks

I’m only going to blog about the Starbucks on 35th & 8th for as long as I can stand it. No, quite literally, I’m standing as I type this. Welcome to Midtown! Right?

It’s actually not too inconvenient to stand, because this location provides a long high bar to do so as you people watch those jumping in and out of the subway entrance to Penn Station. If there were bar stools here I have a feeling this place would just be a little to cramped as the barista bar is directly behind me. There is some seating in the place (a row in the front) but it probably gets gobbled up once  seat is vacated. Like I said, welcome to Midtown.

This is NYC congestion at its best. And in the hour after 5pm on a weekday all the commuters are heading this way to escape Manhattan simultaneously. In Times Square the crowds are touristy so they’re mostly wandering like sheep looking up at the lights. But here… people have places to be. Lolly-gag in front of someone trying to get home from a long day at work and you’re going to get a mouth full.

Luckily I’ve tucked myself into a tiny corner of this Starbucks to simply observe for the moment. Taking a moment to escape that (even if I’m standing) is the closest I get to a zen moment before I’m back out there pushing and shoving with the best of them.

The Good:

The Location… Right near Penn Station. It’s crowded but convenient.

The Decor… A large piece of artwork hangs on the wall that blends NYC traffic with coffee beans. Pretty cool.

The Bad:

The Size… Small and narrow.

The Seating… Just one long bench in the front and then an elevated window bar for standing.

Power Outlets… All covered up.

Restroom… None for public use.

Barista Friendliness:


Drink of Choice: 

Grande Iced Coffee


Overall Starbucks Rating:

A Starbucks for standing.



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