NYC Starbucks: 58th & Madison

11 Jun

58th and Madison Starbucks

It’s been over 3 months of dedicated Starbucks blogging, but I’ve finally stumbled across another 5-Cup location. The 58th & Madison Starbucks  (b/w Madison and 5th Ave) caught my eye earlier last month. Unfortunately I was in no shape to bang-out a blog at the time but I made a special note to return here another time.

I walked in this morning and was once again impressed by the overall size, style and accommodations provided by this Starbucks. But something else struck me as well — a heat wave. Apparently the AC was on the fritz. Although today’s high 79 degrees, it felt more like 90 degrees inside. Okay, I thought, a minor setback. Luckily the baristas were super apologetic to every guest that complained, and the AC problem was fixed shortly after I arrived.

So what makes this location so special? It’s the impressive styling put into it combined with the size and location. When you walk in, you first enter a decent sized entranceway separated by glass panes. There’s even a tiny bit a seating here. Then as you walk into the main area you can immediately see this Starbucks is larger than most. To your right you’ll spot a seating area composed only of a large ottoman and tree trunk stools. Straight ahead is the monstrous barista bar which counters another large seating area equipped with a communal table and a raised sofa with high tables attached. There are two restrooms in the corner, and the walls are decorated throughout with shelving, mirrors, and Starbucks merchandise (of course).

I can’t say that this is the best one I’ve seen in New York City so far. But I will admit that it was a pleasure to stumble upon a top-notch location such as this one. The fact that it’s technically in Midtown makes this Starbucks even more impressive.

The Good:

The Decor… The words Exotic, Rare, and Exquisite are posted on the walls, and by Starbucks standards this location is definitely all three.

Seating… Many options… but my favorite would be the tree trunk stools surrounding the large cushioned ottoman. It’s very communal and open.

The Location… Across the street from the famous FAO Schwarz and a hop, skip and a jump from Central Park.

The Size… Big by NYC Starbucks standards. It even has a glassed in entranceway with additional seating (a NYC patio?).

The Restrooms… Two (always a good thing).

The Bad:

The Crowd… Although not heavily trafficked right now, I’ve seen it get hit with a crowd, and I’m assuming the holidays would be a nightmare. Luckily there’s lots of space to go around.

Barista Friendliness:

Fast service and very apologetic for the AC issues.


Drink of Choice: 

Venti Iced Coffee


Overall Starbucks Rating:

A very unique and very impressive Starbucks.



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