NYC Starbucks: 63rd & Broadway

30 May

63rd and Broadway

I used to live at 63rd street on the Upper West Side when I first arrived in NYC, yet I never came across this Starbucks before this week. Just a block away from Lincoln Center (and all the theatrics that come with it), this Starbucks is definitely in a prime location. It’s also only two blocks away from Central Park and just north of Columbus Circle.

Location – of course – isn’t everything. This Starbucks happens to have a very accommodating interior as well, with a long, expansive lounge and multiple arrangements of seating. You can grab a seat at the window, sit at the cushioned bench bordering one wall, plant yourself at the communal table in the center of the store, or even find a spot in a little seating nook that is pushed off to one side of the building.

Today – however – I chose to make Central Park my ultimate destination. And can you blame me? Temperatures soared to 90s this afternoon – so far the year’s high. Also, I had the advantage of having this weekday off while most are cooped up in offices under florescent lighting. Because of this, Sheep’s Meadow (the largest and greenest area in the park) was barely occupied. So I was spared the hundreds of frolicking children and fellow sun-bathers. It was just me, the sun, and an iced coffee.

The Good:

The Size… Much larger than most NYC Starbucks.

The Seating… Lots of it and room to spread out.

The Location… Close to Central Park and right near the 1-train.

The Restroom… It takes two to make a thing go right.

The Bad:

The Crowd… A big Starbucks like this can attract quiet the crowd — even on a sunny weekday.

Barista Friendliness:


Drink of Choice: 

Grande Iced Coffee


Overall Starbucks Rating:

Overall, a very impressive Starbucks on the Upper West Side.



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