NYC Starbucks: 19th & 8th

28 Mar


This Chelsea Starbucks on 19th and 8th is great for a hit and run. Which works out because I’m having one of those NYC Days where I have 25 obligations crammed into 24 hours.

So let me give you the skinny…

It’s in Chelsea. It’s an L-Shaped layout directly on the corner. It plays seductive elevator music. It’s in Chelsea. It’s smaller than most. It has a long raised table lining one side and a slightly elevated seating area in the base of the L. It’s in Chelsea. The barista’s a super friendly and chatty with both each other and the patrons. It has great lighting. It’s crowded but not overcrowded. Did I mention it’s in Chelsea?

Well — that’s it for now folks! Gotta run (it’s a New York thing)!

The Good:

The Location… In Chelsea. Near the A/C/E, 1, and L.

Layout… Two entrances, and there’s a tiny raised seating area with an elegant looking sofa set and intimate tables. Only the best for Chelsea.

The Bad:

The Size… Pint sized.

Restroom… Just one for both Men & Women.

Barista Friendliness:

They were overly friendly and talkative.


Drink of Choice: 

Grande Iced Coffee… It’s warming up (slightly) and I’m getting ready for my icy drinks again.


Overall Starbucks Rating:

Even the pint-sized Starbucks in Chelsea are high class.



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