Reflection: February

1 Mar


In the month of February I visited 10 different Starbucks in 10 neighborhoods — 7 of which were new neighborhoods entirely.

Although I’m proud of the diversity of my choices — I could have just as easily visited 10 Starbucks locations in Midtown alone — I definitely spent less time blogging this month. There are several factors I could blame for this.

  1. February is the shortest month — I lost 3 whole days!
  2. It’s my birthday month — you didn’t realize my birthday took up an entire month?!
  3. The weather — blizzards and Florida boys just don’t mix.
  4. Responsibilities — did I mention I was a grad student at NYU?
  5. I’m cutting back on caffeine — no not really.

Honestly, I just missed my quota. My goal is to visit at least 17 unique locations per month, and I fell short. For March, I plan to get to at least 20 to help make up the deficit. Fingers crossed.

My favorite Starbucks this month was most certainly the Union Square West location. Although the Astor Place and Fashion District shops deserve honorable mention. As for my least favorite location — Chinatown — all I can say is go to Chinatown for the culture, cuisine, and knockoff handbags — not the Starbucks.

Also this month I started using two other sites — and Pinterest — as extensions of the blog. Check out my page here¬†and follow my Pinterest¬†here. is a really cool site that functions as a social media hub for each user, while encouraging creative displays of character. As for Pinterest — I’m still adapting to the “pinning process” but it definitely appears to be a useful tool for sharing hobbies and other neat things with complete strangers.

Now we’re already in March, and as the weather heats up so will this blog. Stay tuned.


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